2017 Christmas Gift Guide – A Place to Flop

I wanted to write a post about Christmas Gift ideas this year, but seeing how it’s already December, this may not be very useful. Unless, of course, you do a bunch of shopping online, like I do, and therefore, you still have things to shop for. Ideally, I wanted to feature some local shops to support, which could still be helpful if you have a similar place wherever you are located, maybe.

We have a somewhat large family so it was important to me to be very mindful of the people, things, and money we needed to spend/save. I decided to do some DIY projects and to do some more memory or action centered gifts for the kids. NOT JUST TOYS.

Anyways, here’s some things I came across on the ol’internet that I found delightful: (warning: may contain items that I actually want)

1. This interesting and awesome beta fish tank + planter

2. These super awesome shoes (that are probably comfortable, but I don’t really know, so let’s hope!)

3.  Rice Love Backpack (purchasing products from this site gives rice to hungry families in India in return.)

4. I’m not sure we need one of these Fermentation Crocks, but it sure would be cool to learn to do some fermenting! 

5. This big ass garden land shark, because I can’t think of any kind of reason why you shouldn’t buy this.

6. This is part of Sevenly’s human trafficking awareness collections – The Liberty Birdie Womens White Flowy Raglan

7.ANYTHING FROM BLUEQ because cuss words are awesome.

8. These Bloody Mary Glasses because we all deserve to have a Bloody Mary Christmas, amirite?!

9. These really pretty letters that you can buy individually and make festive words, but I won’t because they’re damn expensive (but oh so pretty!) – Come on, I know there is someone out there great with felt that can whip up something similar! 🙂 (warning: don’t look at anything else, will make you go broke!)

10. Last, but not least, here’s a few more ideas:

Yoga Class gift certificates! If you’re local, Wellness Pursuits is offering a 10% discount on class passes purchased right now, so join the yoga fun! If you’re not local, you may consider buying gym passes or yoga class passes for a friend or loved one.

Chestnut School of the Arts is a local Arts and Crafts school and gift shop. They always have cute things to purchase to use for Christmas gifts.There are also many handcrafted items and featured shops in Floyd, VA like the Floyd Center of the Arts. You could even elect to purchase gift certificates for someone to take an art class. If you’re not local, look up local art galleries or creative classes to see if they are having any type of craft fair.

I really want a meditation pillow, anything from banyan botanicals, a pair of birkenstocks (hippie!), pajama pants and art supplies. Hit me up with your suggestions 🙂

Oh yeah, and when in doubt, DIY – or make food to give out for Christmas. I’m thinking about making my own marshmallows, hot chocolate, and cinnamon spiced pecans. Ah yeah! Hopefully no one from the family reads this. Ha!

One more thing, do you have any kid gift suggestions? Ranging from ages 1-10. We’ve got most of it covered, I believe but am still looking for a few gap fillers. We are also doing some coupon type giving to go to the trampoline park, train ride, putt putt and bowling.

Hope everyone’s December is off to a great start. Peace!

PS. I joined two “challenges” for December. Jen Morris Creative’s Deliberate December and Susannah Conway’s December Reflections 2017. So far, I’m mostly participating through instagram: @aplacetoflop

Here’ my two entries for today:



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