October and the Pursuit of Fulfillment

October has proven to be a busy month. Lots of school activities, home activities, job activities and all the prepping for Halloween. A crap ton of work, but most of it has been pretty good work, nothing too shabby.

I’ve also made sure to set time aside to figure out ways or to practice ways to improve myself and I am making some final decisions on schooling and what my goals are. I want to fulfill myself and my need to help others, but also while maintaining the “stay at home mom” hands on approach for my kiddos.

I started taking a mindful parenting class so that I can work on being more present instead of trapped in my worrying brain, and although I haven’t been in the class very long, I can feel a shift. I think the class will prove to be both beneficial for parenting as well as nurturing all relationships. It is an online class taken with Hunter Clarke-Fields. I highly recommend visiting her website and read a bit about her and what she has to offer. She is also an artist, so she’s pretty cool.

I’ve also kept my goal of becoming a certified Ayurveda Health Coach, but i’m taking a different route. I decided to withdraw from the course I was in and go forth with the Hale Pule ayurveda health coaching certification. It just seems to fit me better and I debating it a long time. I feel absolutely no anxiety about my choice so, I think that’s a great sign. She’s based in Hawaii, I’m going to hold my breath and say that I’ll make it there sometime in the future! 🙂

I’ve been teaching yoga classes at Wellness Pursuits and it has been going pretty well. I am continuing in November and hope to continue teaching there in the future. My classes don’t have many attendees as of now but i’m hoping to build them, especially once it warms back up OR when it’s really cold outside and people want to exercise inside a beautiful studio in the Blue Ridge. We shall see. If you are in the SWVA area and want to try a yoga class or know of someone who might, please send them our way!

I hope in the future to share some self care tips and maybe some journal topics or things to encourage others instead of only doing a run down of my life. I think my small amount of posts aren’t really providing any substance so hopefully I can take myself and relate it back to you and provide some useful information. I hope so! For now, I’ve compiled a list of some interesting web articles that I found interesting or helpful + some local area events that I thought were neat-o!

Some cool stuff to check out:

From Greater Good Magazine: What is Your Phone Doing to Your Relationships?

From Joyful Belly: 10 Ayurvedic Recipes For October

Hunter Clarke-Fields Mindful Mama Podcast: Melissa Schwartz | How To Care For Highly Sensitive Children

Zen Habits: Overcoming Our Biggest Obstacle to Creating Habits

Neuroscience News: When Lovers Touch, Their Breathing and Heartbeat Syncs While Pain Wanes

Mind Body Green: Science Proves Moms Can Actually Feel Their Kids’ Feelings

Events in Southwest Virginia:

Yoga with moi Monday nights in November – 6:30PM – at Wellness Pursuits

November 18 – 11:00AM – Family Yoga! at Wellness Pursuits (Check out the Family Yoga event page!)

InstillMindfulness is hosting an all day mindfulness retreat in Floyd, VA. They are also hosting mindfulness classes every Tuesday in November (and some in December) at Floyd Center for the Arts. Check out their schedule on their website here.

The Goddess Retreat in November in Floyd, VA. This will be located at the Anahata Education Center. Check out their Facebook Event Page!

Thanks for reading!

If you have any thoughts, questions or words of encouragement, please do leave a comment below!


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